Kindocoin Phase 2 Showcase Event

Phase 2 SBRI – Creating digitally connected communities focusing on avoiding delayed discharges from hospital (Kindocoin)

On 11th April 2022, HISES launched Phase 2 of our Kindocoin Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), having selected 2 companies to take forward their ideas to develop a product that will be add benefit to the discharge process and helping to alleviate the delayed discharge problems that the NHS are facing using volunteers to assist with this issue. The project anticipates that services can be linked up digitally and in real time, allowing for a quicker discharge time for patients who do not have friends or family that are able to help them return home. In Phase 2, the challenge focus remained on enabling the creation of strong, supportive, valued and digitally connected communities.

As we near the end of Phase 2 of this SBRI competition, HISES hosted a stakeholder engagement event on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023. This provided service staff an opportunity to attend a storytelling session at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. Industry partners presented what they have achieved throughout Phase 2 and provided the audience the opportunity to take part in live demonstrations. Representatives from pharmacy, nursing and the volunteer sector were in attendance.

The Industry partners taking part in this Phase 2 SBRI are Team Kinetic Ltd and Uppertunity CIC along with Uppertunity’s subcontractor, Scienap Ltd.

The companies presented their progress over the past 12 months, and it was great to see the collaboration between these three partners. We have seen a huge benefit in companies working together during the SBRI process, encouraging collaboration, and bringing more robust innovative solutions.

Following on from the presentations, laptops were set up to demonstrate how the systems would work in a real-world setting for both clinical teams and volunteers.

The main highlights were having the opportunity to meet the developers in person and view their presentations (and take part in interactive sessions). It was also valuable to have a breadth of people in the audience who asked pertinent questions and helped to clarify some important points.

Ross Lamb, NHS Lothian Volunteer Services Manager

Team Kinetic Elevator Pitch

The NHS is in crisis, we need to rethink care.

Our technology is unlocking the power of the Voluntary Sector, creating an eco-system where people who need care, are automatically linked to voluntary services and their volunteers who can provide it.

Reducing bureaucracy for clinical staff and voluntary sector providers, reducing risk for patients and volunteers.

The platform provides a safe environment where patients, clinicians, voluntary sector organisations and volunteers can interact, help, and work together.

Uppertunity Elevator Pitch

Volunteering Passport & Wellbeing Monitoring Tool. Valuing Volunteer Voice and Wellbeing; Making New Connections, Enabling New Solutions

Our proposal is for an App to support volunteers and their wellbeing in their engagement in volunteering.

The App can help people make new connections to volunteering and during volunteering. That is why it can enable new solutions to recognised problems with engaging volunteers sustainably.

The companies have been issued with the template for SBRI End Reporting and final reports will be submitted by the end of April 2023.

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