The DataLoch

DataLoch – a data service designed in partnership by the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian – has fully launched. From this point, researchers from any organisation can apply for access to extracts of the health and social care data within the DataLoch repository.

Further details about the main launch features – including the data hosted by DataLoch, how they have extended support for researchers, designing a new Public Value Assessment process, and the learning from recent public consultation exercises – can be found on the DataLoch website.

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Edinburgh bioQuarter

At the heart of BioQuarter’s mission is to embrace and contribute to the next innovations in healthcare practice; to translate groundbreaking research and discoveries into new treatments and cures that will change people’s lives.

As a place where industry meets first-rate academics, clinical practitioners and medical innovators we will continue attracting eager investors and tenants. And by utilising data-driven innovation and strategic commercialisation activities, BioQuarter will deliver significant social, cultural and economic benefits to Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK, and life-enhancing health advances to the world.

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The Academic and Clinical Central Office for Research and Development (ACCORD) is a partnership between the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian Health Board. NHS Lothian has an excellent international reputation for its clinical research activities, while Edinburgh University is Scotland’s top-ranked research institution and one of the UK’s leading research universities.

By drawing together key research management staff from these organisations, ACCORD provides streamlined access to professional advice, expert regulatory support and world class clinical research infrastructure. We support researchers and commercial companies throughout the UK and internationally to conduct their clinical research. This partnership is underpinned by the first joint Research Framework Agreement in Scotland.



CSO is part of the Scottish Government Health Directorates. Our vision is to support and increase the level of high-quality health research conducted in Scotland. This is for the health and financial benefits of our population so that Scotland is recognised globally as a ‘come to place’ for health science.

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InnoScot Health

InnoScot Health has been working in partnership with NHS Scotland for 20 years to inspire, accelerate, and commercialise impactful healthcare innovations. Working with staff across a range of roles and medical specialties, they have formed seven spin-out companies and brought a range of medical devices, products and technologies to market.


Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s national economic development agency. We’re committed to growing the Scottish economy for the benefit of all, helping create more quality jobs and a brighter future for every region.

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Scotland Can Do

The CAN DO Innovation Challenge Fund is a national fund which supports Scottish public sector organisations to find and develop innovative solutions to operational service and policy delivery challenges.

The fund is managed by a partnership of Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council. The aims of the fund are to:

Find solutions for societal and service delivery challenges faced by the public sector
Improve public service quality and reduce delivery costs
Boost Scotland’s innovation and economic development performance


Scotland Innovates Assessment Portal

The Scotland Innovates service provides an easy-to-use, secure route to connect with the Scottish Public Sector and NHS Scotland.

This service has been developed as part of a collaborative project between the Scottish Government Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate (SPPD) and National Services Scotland (NSS), working together with representatives from Scotland Excel, Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC), Scottish Enterprise and Civtech amongst others.

This new service builds on the success of the Health Innovation Assessment Portal (HIAP), expanding the submission and assessment of innovative products and solutions across the entire Scottish Public Sector.

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