NHS Fife Local Infrastructure

NHS Fife has recently integrated Innovation into its well established Research & Development (R&D) Department. R&D, led by the Assistant R&D Director, is supported by the extensive R&D team. Innovation is headed up locally by the Innovation Champion, supported by an Innovation Support post and centrally by the South East Scotland Innovation Network.

R&D and Innovation activities are overseen by the NHS Fife RD&I Director, with the Board Medical Director acting as the RD&I Lead. Both R&D and Innovation are located in Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline.

Meet the Team

Professor Frances Quirk

Assistant Research and Development Director

Professor Frances Quirk is the newly appointed Assistant Research and Development Director at NHS Fife, previous roles include; Director of the New England Institute of Healthcare Research at the University of New England, Director of Research at Barwon Health, Victoria, Professor of Mental Health and Behavioural Science at James Cook University and Senior Associate Director Clinical Development at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Frances is a Chartered Health Psychologist, behavioural scientist, psychometrician and sexologist and is recognised as an expert internationally in the development of measures to assess aspects of quality of life, function and assessment (specifically across four clinical areas; respiratory disease, sexual function, eating disorders and mental health) either in the acute, community or clinical trials setting.

Frances has an extensive track record of international collaboration, publications, presentations and consultation and engagement with 100+ presentations at scientific meetings in Europe, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. As a consultant and profile staff within the Pharmaceutical industry Frances engaged in extensive consultation and engagement with industry, Key Opinion Leaders and regulatory agencies in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Neil Mitchell

Innovation Manager

Neil has an undergraduate and post graduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Dundee and University of Glasgow, respectively.

Following graduation Neil worked in Busan, South Korea for two years. Returning to the UK, Neil first began working in the research environment in Regulatory Affairs for a Contract Research Organisation, based in Nottingham.

After moving north to Edinburgh, he joined NHS Lothian Research and Development as a Research Governance Officer, focussing on commercial research within the NHS. After gaining experience in research governance, Neil moved to a sponsorship role in the University of Edinburgh, working on a European wide Alzheimer’s research project. Following the end of this trial, Neil moved to the role of Clinical Research Facilitator within the University of Edinburgh working on non-CTIMPs, CTIMPs and NHS Lothian led research projects and clinical trials requiring sponsorship.

Neil has joined NHS Fife as Innovation Manager and brings extensive knowledge in research governance and health and medical research. Neil looks forward to working closely with the HISES team and utilising his wealth of experience to support Innovation projects in Fife and the South East.

Ramsay Khadeir

Senior Project Manager

Ramsay Khadeir has an academic background in Pharmacology and a postgraduate degree in molecular biology. With a passion for healthcare innovation, Ramsay has made significant contributions to the field through his extensive experience in clinical research and digital transformation.

During his time in clinical research, Ramsay focused on exploring novel treatments for cancer and played a crucial role in coordinating international clinical trials. His expertise in this area is further highlighted by his published works in the field.

Ramsay spent time working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the Ministry of Health, where he spearheaded the digital transformation of clinical wards with innovative solutions. His efforts in this role contributed to the advancement of healthcare practices and improved patient outcomes.

Returning to the UK, Ramsay transitioned into the role of a health technology consultant, specialising in the implementation and commercialisation of novel digital health solutions. His expertise in this area has been instrumental in driving the adoption of innovative technologies across NHS England and the Gulf nations.

Now, Ramsay brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to NHS Fife as a senior project manager for the Reducing Drugs Deaths programme. With his strong project management skills and deep understanding of healthcare systems, Ramsay is well-equipped to lead and implement initiatives aimed at reducing drug-related fatalities.