Available Funding Opportunities

We can support you as you develop your concept or prototype, by connecting you with collaborative partners from across industry, academia and health and care and by identifying funding and further support opportunities.

COVID-19 Response Funding Opportunities

Funding for COVID-19 research


Availability: Open

Closing Date: None. Apply at any time

Value: 80% of the full economic cost (fEC) for Research Council funding. For Innovate UK funding, State Aid rules apply.

Duration: Up to 18 months

Eligibility: You can apply for funding to research COVID-19 as part of normal UKRI funding streams and opportunities.

Summary: Proposals are invited for short-term projects addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak. Researchers holding existing UKRI standard grants should in the first instance consider whether they could repurpose that funding to address the objectives of this call. You can apply to switch your existing grants.

Location: UK

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Expression of interest: emergency route for time-critical COVID-19 research

UK Research and Innovation

Availability: Open

Closing Date: No closing date

Value: £80,000

Duration: 3 to 6 months

Eligibility: Applicants must be based at UK research organisations eligible for UKRI funding, demonstrate host organisation support for their proposal, meet the standard eligibility requirements for the council submitted to. Business-led proposals are not eligible for this funding. Business collaboration will be considered on a case by case basis. However, projects must be academic led and business collaboration is subject to the eligibility rules of each research council.

Summary: Apply for funding to support short term time-sensitive collection of data or samples or rapid turn-around research or analysis to either: inform urgent policy or national decision making; secure data for future research use.

All activities funded through this route must not overlap with UKRI’s portfolio of funded research.

Location: UK


Barclays Healthtech Response

Barclay’s, The University of Edinburgh, UCL and CodeBase

Availability: Open

Closing Date: Not specified

Value: None – Accelerator

Duration: Not specified

Eligibility: For people who have a tech solution or innovative idea on how to address one or more of challenges created by COVID-19.

Summary: The partnership focus on ways that existing tech solutions can address the isolation of the vulnerable, reduce noncritical demand into the NHS and aid diagnostics and treatment. Looking for innovations that can slow the spread of COVID-19, enable home-based care, support the wellbeing and morale of NHS staff, and assist those who are most vulnerable and in self-isolation.

Location: UK

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Other Funding Opportunities

Experimental medicine

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Availability: Upcoming

Closing Date: 16 March 2022

Value: A share of £10 million

Duration: Application rounds open every six months, in January and July.

Eligibility: You should be based at an eligible UK research organisation, which include: higher education institutions; UKRI-approved independent research organisations or NHS bodies; government-funded organisations; MRC institutes; MRC units and partnership institutes (including overseas); institutes and units funded by other research councils.

Summary: You can apply for academically-led experimental medicine projects that are conducted in humans. Your project should be based round a clearly articulated gap in understanding of human pathophysiology and have a clear path to clinical impact.Successful projects will produce new mechanistic insights, including those that may: identify opportunities to modify disease pathways or/and enable the future development of novel therapeutic or diagnostic approaches.

Location: UK

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SHIL Sustainability Innovation Call


Availability: Open

Closing Date: Not specified

Value: Up to £25,000 of initial funding

Duration: Not specified

Eligibility: Not specified

Summary: Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) is seeking sustainable, forward-thinking ideas from health and social care professionals that can help support NHS Scotland to adapt, develop and strengthen in response to climate change. With NHS Scotland also committing to be a ‘net-zero’ greenhouse gas emissions organisation by 2045 at the latest, significant work is undoubtedly required. The behaviours of NHS Scotland’s 160,000-strong workforce will influence how the service mitigates and adapts to climate change impacts; and so, encouraging this diverse workforce to come up with new ways of working is vital and is at the heart of the latest Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) innovation call.

Location: Scotland

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Healthcare Technologies Investigator-Led Grant

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council EPSRC

Availability: Open

Closing Date: No closing date

Value: We will fund 80% of the full economic costs of your project. Not specified

Duration: Not specified

Eligibility: Research grants are open to UK higher education institutions, research council institutes, UKRI-approved independent research organisations and NHS bodies with research capacity.

Summary: You can apply for support for high-quality engineering and physical sciences research in line with our healthcare technologies theme and strategy. Funding will cover research into chemistry, engineering, information and communications technologies, materials, mathematical sciences and physics that underpin healthcare.

Location: UK

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership

UK Government

Availability: Ongoing

Closing Date: None – apply at any time

Value: Part-funded grant.

Duration: 12-36 months

Eligibility: Aimed at partnerships between a UK-based business of any size or non-profit organisation, an academic organisation and a suitably-qualified graduate.

Summary: Aimed at improving business’ competitiveness and productivity through funded partnership with academics and researchers.

Location: UK

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Innovators Awards

Welcome Trust

Availability: Ongoing

Closing Date: Shortlisting meetings happen every 3 months

Value: Up to £500K or £750K for collaborations

Duration: Usually 2 years, or 3 years for multidisciplinary collaborations

Eligibility: Researchers, individuals and teams from not-for profit and commercial organisations that can be any size, based anywhere in the world (apart from China).

Summary: For researchers who are developing healthcare innovations that could have a major and measurable impact on human health. Proposals should describe global burden of a disease, unmet healthcare need, and the impact of innovation in a patient population.

Location: UK

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Innovation Challenge Fund

Can Do (Scottish Enterprise)

Availability: Due to a potential change in approach, the 5th Call has been suspended. The challenges will be reviewed to better match Scottish Government ambitions.

Closing Date: Currently working to explore and define potential Calls and their timelines.

Value: SBRI: £10k -£40k per supplier (Phase 1), £50k –200k per supplier (Phase 2); CivTech: £3k per supplier (Exploration Stage), £20k per supplier (Acceleration Stage)

Duration: Suspended

Eligibility: Scottish companies of any size and academic and third sector organisations who can demonstrate how they will commercialise solutions which they develop.

Summary: Funding to support the development of innovative solutions for challenges faced by a Scottish public body where there is no clear fix or current market solution.

Location: Scotland

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