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We can support you as you develop your concept or prototype, by connecting you with collaborative partners from across industry, academia and health and care and by identifying funding and further support opportunities.

Funding competition Transforming Cancer Therapeutics


Availability: 15th November 2023, Online Briefing Event 17th November 2023 @ 11am

Closing Date: 24th January 2024 11am

Value: UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £10 million

Eligibility: You must be a researcher employed at a research organisation eligible to apply for MRC funding.


Innovate UK is launching a new funding competition today for Transforming Cancer Therapeutics.

UK registered business can apply for a share of up to £10m to develop net generation immunotherapies for cancer or life-changing treatments for paediatric cancers.


Projects can focus on one or more of the following:

next generation immunotherapies and immunomodulatory drugs
manipulation of the tumour microenvironment to promote immune responses against solid tumours
novel therapeutics that consider the unique characteristics of paediatric or young people’s cancers
clinical decision support tools to optimise treatment selection and therapeutic dosing for children and young people
This list is not intended to be exhaustive.


Join the online briefing event on Friday 17th November at 11am

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Innovate to Prevent: Personalised Prevention in Health and Care Services

Transforming Health and Care System

Availability: Open

Closing Date: 16th April 2024, deadline for submission of intent to Apply. 14th May 2024, deadline for submission of proposal.

Value: N/A

Duration: The minimum project duration 12 months. The maximum project duration is 36 months.


This call aims to support the implementation of innovative person-centred health and care models addressing prevention strategies, with the key help of existing IT and digital technologies and services. The ultimate goal is to improve health and care system dimensions such as quality, efficiency, equity, and sustainability. Improving the quality of preventive services will lead to improving the quality of life of citizens and patients, as well as reducing the burden and costs for the entirety of health and care services.

Proposals should leverage the diversity in how disease prevention services are delivered in Europe and provide applicable innovations across different countries and health and care settings. This entails mutual learning opportunities, considering that although the increasing challenges faced by health and care systems are common in the EU and beyond, innovative models in prevention could be organised differently, and have different approaches to integrating IT and digital technologies. Proposals should consider contextual barriers and facilitators that are linked to different roles, tasks, education, and skills of healthcare professionals, the involvement of citizens, patients and caregivers and the contribution of other key stakeholders. Potential proposals should also address the challenges in adopting IT tools and digital technologies in health and care ecosystems, particularly the contingent needs to overcome legal, financial, cultural, technological, educational, and adaptive barriers.

The call aims to address the transformative process that helps integrate preventive strategies in innovative organisational models directly impacting the health and care systems. For this reason, actions on primary prevention will not be in the scope of this call.

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MRC - Funding for early stage development of new healthcare interventions

Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre

Availability: Open

Closing Date: 13th March 2024

Value: £50,000- £300,000

Duration: 6 – 24 months

Eligibility: Eligibility varies. You should check the specific criteria of a funding opportunity before applying.


Funding to generate critical preliminary data to build confidence in the development strategy for a new medicine, repurposed medicine, medical device, diagnostic test, or other medical intervention development.

ou can apply for academically led translational projects that aim to undertake a focused package of work that will bridge the gap between the inception of a new idea and substantive funding through schemes such as the MRC Developmental

Pathway Funding Scheme to:

  • help prevent disease.
  • help improve speed and accuracy of diagnosis of disease.
  • develop new treatments for disease.
  • help to improve outcome monitoring of patients receiving treatment.
  • help to improve the management of diseases and conditions.
  • All human diseases and medical interventions are eligible for support, both in the context of UK healthcare and addressing global health issues.
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NIHR i4i OLS Real World Evidence Programme briefing


Availability: 31st January 2024

Closing Date: 27th March 2024, 13:00

Value: £10 m

Award Range: An online briefing event for the call, including the application and assessment process will be held 10:30am-12pm on 23 January 2024.

Duration: 36 months


The call will be open to consortia consisting of:

  • An analytical partner (lead applicant) – which will lead and coordinate the generation of evidence required (must be a UK legal entity).
  • The technology partner(s) – which will provide the EVA products for which evidence must be generated
  • Adopting site(s) – which will give access to sites, or services, for testing of the products.

This call will be open to organisations which are UK legal entities, including large enterprises, small/medium commercial entities, NHS and social care providers, universities and research institutions, as well as not-for-profit organisations including charities and Community Interest Companies. For this call, the lead organisation should be the ‘analytical partner’ as described above.


The aim of the call is to support consortia to address real world evidence gaps to accelerate widespread adoption of technologies recommended for early use in the NHS through NICE Early Value Assessment (EVA). Funding will be deployed to generate real world evidence for product(s) to achieve a full NICE evaluation, generate further evidence required by commissioners to increase uptake, and to capture generalisable learnings to support future innovators. Applications that align with the Life Sciences Vision, published in July 2021, are particularly welcomed.

The NIHR i4i & OLS Real World Evidence Programme is a one-stage call inviting applications for projects up to 36 months in duration,with no upper funding limit.

Location: Scotland

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Opthalmic innovation call

InnoScot Health

Availability: Open

Closing Date: Not specified

Value: £25,000 of initial funding

Duration: Not specified

Eligibility: NHS staff


InnoScot Health is seeking forward-thinking ophthalmic solutions that can help support NHS Scotland to strengthen and make meaningful change in this priority area of its recovery plan. During the pandemic, this was one of the health care areas which suffered most as patients were unable to see ophthalmologists and optometrists for face-to-face appointments so waiting lists and backlogs grew.

This in turn meant that individuals with eye problems saw a worsening of their condition over the course of the pandemic and it is only now that we are beginning to see a return to normal practice. However, there remains a significant accumulation of people still requiring treatment and so encouraging the diverse NHS Scotland workforce to come up with new ways of working and identifying ways to reduce that backlog is vital.

Submitting your idea is a simple process – taking approximately 5-10 minutes – and all are confidential.

Location: Scotland

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Sustainability Innovation Call

InnoScot Health

Availability: Open

Closing Date: Not specified

Value: Up to £25,000 of initial funding

Duration: up to 4 months.

Eligibility: NHS Scotland staff


InnoScot Health is seeking sustainable, forward-thinking ideas from health and social care professionals that can help support NHS Scotland to adapt, develop and strengthen in response to climate change.

Encouraging NHS Scotland’s diverse workforce to come up with new ideas that achieve sustainable outcomes is vital, and is at the heart of the latest InnoScot Health innovation call.

The behaviours of NHS Scotland’s 160,000-strong workforce will influence how the service mitigates and adapts to climate change impacts; and so, encouraging this diverse workforce to come up with new ways of working is vital.

The package of support for health and social care staff with ideas to support NHS Scotland includes £25,000 of initial funding, regulatory support, project management and the innovation expertise of InnoScot Health.

Location: Scotland

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership

UK Government

Availability: Ongoing

Closing Date: None – apply at any time

Value: Part-funded grant.

Duration: 12-36 months

Eligibility: Aimed at partnerships between a UK-based business of any size or non-profit organisation, an academic organisation and a suitably-qualified graduate.

Summary: Aimed at improving business’ competitiveness and productivity through funded partnership with academics and researchers.

Location: UK

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NHS Innovator Accelerater

The AHSN Network England

Availability: Open

Closing Date: Not Specified

Value:  Not Specified

Duration: Not Specified

Eligibility: The NIA is open to applicants from any background, including SMEs, clinical entrepreneurs and academia, with innovations of any type that solve a problem for the NHS


To be successful, your innovation should be:

• In use in at least one site, in the NHS or elsewhere
• Supported by an evidence base and able to demonstrate better patient and/or staff outcomes
• Ready to spread across the NHS
• Led by an applicant who is open to learning and sharing insights
• Aligned with one of the 2023 call themes (to be confirmed)

Location: Not Specified

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Standard Innovation Vouchers


Availability: Open

Closing Date: Not Specified

Value: Between £1,000 and £5,000

Duration: Not Specified


Applications from all company sectors are welcome. However, vouchers are only available to SMEs, sole traders, social enterprises and third sector organisations with main business operations in Scotland, working with Scottish Universities or Scottish Further Education Colleges.


There are two types of Standard Innovation Vouchers:

  • Product/Process/Service Innovation Voucher – to support outward innovation to develop a new product, process or service.
  • Workforce Innovation Voucher – to support inward innovation to develop the company’s internal workforce such as new or enhanced workplace processes, innovative workplace practices and innovative business expertise. This does not include staff CPD or to finance any external training courses.

Location: Scotland

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Spin Out Support Programme


Availability: Open

Closing Date: N/A

Value: Up to £20, 000 towards Higher Education Institutes (HEI) costs

Duration: Less than a year

Eligibility: The projects must be led by at least one of Scotland’s talented Higher Education Institutes (HEI).


The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) invites applications for proof-of-concept projects from researchers with an ambition to spin-out a company within 1-2 years of the project ending.

Spin-out projects should focus on innovative applications of biotechnology and address a real market need or commercial opportunity.

This call invites applications from academic researchers addressing challenges that could be addressed with a biotechnology solution with the near-term ambition of forming a spin-out or start-up company.


Location: United Kingdom

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Innovators Awards

Wellcome Trust

Availability: Ongoing

Closing Date: Shortlisting meetings happen every 3 months

Value: Up to £500K or £750K for collaborations

Duration: Usually 2 years, or 3 years for multidisciplinary collaborations

Eligibility: Researchers, individuals and teams from not-for profit and commercial organisations that can be any size, based anywhere in the world (apart from China).

Summary: For researchers who are developing healthcare innovations that could have a major and measurable impact on human health. Proposals should describe global burden of a disease, unmet healthcare need, and the impact of innovation in a patient population.

Location: UK

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Innovation Challenge Fund

Can Do (Scottish Enterprise)

Availability: Due to a potential change in approach, the 5th Call has been suspended. The challenges will be reviewed to better match Scottish Government ambitions.

Closing Date: Currently working to explore and define potential Calls and their timelines.

Value: SBRI: £10k -£40k per supplier (Phase 1), £50k –200k per supplier (Phase 2); CivTech: £3k per supplier (Exploration Stage), £20k per supplier (Acceleration Stage)

Duration: Suspended

Eligibility: Scottish companies of any size and academic and third sector organisations who can demonstrate how they will commercialise solutions which they develop.

Summary: Funding to support the development of innovative solutions for challenges faced by a Scottish public body where there is no clear fix or current market solution.

Location: Scotland

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Further NIHR funding for Scottish Researchers

Availability: From Autumn 2023

Closing Date: Various (depending on programme)

Value: Various (depending on programme)

Duration: Various (depending on programme)

Eligibility: Researchers and in some cases SMEs (depending on programme)


From autumn 2023, health and social care researchers in the devolved administrations will have increased access to health and social care research funding via the National Institute for Health and Care Research. This expands the list of NIHR research programmes that are available to researchers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Researchers and in some cases SMEs will be able to access the following NIHR research programmes from autumn 2023:

Location: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

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SMART:Scotland Grant

Scottish Enterprise

Availability: Open

Closing Date: All year round

Value: Up to £100,000

Duration: 6 – 18 Months

Eligibility: Small or medium sized business, university spin-out or an individual based in Scotland


The SMART: SCOTLAND grant is one of our research and development (R&D) grants that aims to support high-risk, highly ambitious projects.

It covers conducting feasibility studies. It’s only available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs)* based in Scotland and supports activities that have a commercial endpoint.

Location: Scotland


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Invention for Innovation


Availability: OPEN

Closing Date: Not specified.

Value: £50,000 – £150,000

Duration: 6-12 month period

Eligibility: Technologies which have regulatory approval or demonstrated equivalent safety and efficacy


The NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme is a translational research funding scheme aimed at medical devices, in vitro diagnostic devices and digital health technologies addressing an existing or emerging health or social care need.

i4i is now open to the whole UK

We’re excited to announce that the NIHR i4i programme is now accepting applications from researchers and organisations based in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, in addition to applications from England. This change will be effective for our upcoming i4i competitions in autumn 2023, including PDA Call 27, Challenge Call 16, and Connect Call 8. We are looking forward to receiving applications from across the UK.

Location: UK

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Pre-announcement: Cancer Immunotherapy Response Research Platform CIRRP


Availability: TBC January 2024

Closing Date: TBC March or April 2024

Value: £9,000,000


Eligibility: You must be a researcher employed at a research organisation eligible to apply for MRC funding.


Apply for funding to develop a broad utility, deep genotyping and phenotyping platform capable of generating insights into patient response, adverse effects, and resistance to immunotherapy, and exemplar project(s) to demonstrate utility.

The platform will be led by a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary consortium, including at least one industry partner.

A total of £9 million (80% Full Econoic cost (FEC) including relevant indexing) over 4 years is available with £4 million in FY 2024/25.


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