vCreate Neuro – A new secure communication tool to improve epilepsy care in children during Covid-19 – A Case Study


Shetty J, Churchward S, Cumming G, Schofield P, McKinley T, Smith S, McLellan A and Paediatric Neurosciences Team, RHSC Edinburgh

Videos of seizures recorded by parents are extremely useful to ensure proper diagnosis, plan investigations, treatment and monitor treatment. Previously this was only possible by parents attending in person and during covid-19 this need has been exacerbated by parents being unable to come in to the hospital.

vCreateNeuro (secure online application) provides a much-needed service for parents to safely transfer videos.

We implemented vCreateNeuro in May 2020 with rapid governance review and training. More than 170 videos uploaded by parents and the feedback from staff and parents has been extremely positive. This prevented many hospital visits and few investigations. This should benefit other patients in the future.

A full report will be published in the coming weeks.