Exciting Opportunity: New assessors required for HISES SBRI competitions

Health Innovation South East Scotland (HISES) is an Innovation Test Bed set up by the Scottish Government Chief Scientists’ Office which forms part of a national network created to deliver the Government’s vision to utilise the innovation process to deliver a healthier and wealthier nation for the future. We are currently seeking new assessors to assist with SBRI competitions – read on to find out more!

The East Region Innovation Office and HISES Project Support Team

The HISES Project support team is hosted by NHS Lothian and run a number of different Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competitions each year.

Small Business Research Initiative


HISES will in the coming years set up and run a series of innovation competitions that will seek to deliver transformational changes in the provision of health & care services – that will:

  • Align with the strategic priorities for NHS Scotland / The East Region.
  • Provide solutions to operational challenges in delivering these strategic priorities –which is also where innovations will be adopted.
  • Deliver the National Outcomes that will make Scotland a wealthier and healthier country.


Upcoming SBRI competitions

SBRI competitions embrace the region’s priority areas within the health and care system and we have a number of upcoming competitions looking to solve challenges in the following areas:

  • Laying the foundations for providing a holistic digital picture of a resident’s health, wellbeing and care needs within a Care Home setting.
  • Improving outcomes for hip fracture patients by developing a system using routinely collected health data and data-analytics techniques.
  • Improving Multi-morbidity acute care using data analytics.

More details of our priority areas can be found on the HISES Core Portfolio section of our website.

HISES Core Portfolio


New assessors required for HISES SBRI competitions

Applications for our HISES SBRI competitions are peer reviewed by independent assessors to ensure we support the best innovations. We are looking to recruit new Scottish-based assessors who have held senior positions in clinical, academic or industrial areas, and in particular those that have experience in more than one of these areas.

There is currently no remuneration for being an assessor. An experienced assessor tends to take under an hour to review an application. We therefore limit the number of applications to ensure that an assessor will not get overloaded and can be confident to complete assessments within the allotted time frame. We match applications to assessors based on the subject area of the application and the expertise of the assessors – this does mean that we cannot guarantee in advance that assessors will receive a particular number of applications to assess because this will depend on the applications we receive for any particular competition.


Assessor Profiles

We are welcoming colleagues from a range of different backgrounds so we can develop a pool of assessors with a broad range of knowledge and experience. The below list is not exhaustive but may give an indication the type of assessors we are looking to recruit and may confirm if this is something that you’d like to be involved in.

  • Clinicians and Academics in the field of Health and Care Innovation including those from the Life Sciences field.
  • Colleagues who have been involved in Health & Social Care delivery with several years’ experience at a senior level.
  • Colleagues who have held Advisory or Consultative roles from an innovation and / or industry background and have experience developing or supporting an innovative idea or concept for commercialisation.
  • Colleagues who have a background in raising awareness of NHS / Healthcare as a market opportunity and driving innovations.
  • Colleagues from a data driven innovation background with experience of supporting commercial access to public sector data and integrating systems with public sector interfaces.
  • Colleagues who have held Advisory or Consultative roles from an innovation and / or industry background and have experience of providing financial, regulatory and Intellectual Property (IP) advice to support and promote business growth.
  • Colleagues with experience of MedTech / Med Devices Regulations with a focus on Digital Health Products and experience with technical expertise in this field.
  • Colleagues from a Health Economics background with experience of regulatory paths, business planning and value proposition. This may include knowledge of conducting Budget Impact Analysis / Health Economics Assessments.
  • Colleagues from an industry background, having worked directly for an SME and experience of writing and applying for small business grants e.g. SBRI competitions.
  • Colleagues from a Digital Health and Care background with extensive knowledge of the current market.
  • Colleagues from an industry background who have experience with disruptive innovation leading to novel, new products, processes or services.
  • Colleagues with experience of working within a corporate finance environment and have experience with financial due diligence activities.
  • Colleagues from the NHS or wider Public Sector with experience of supporting SBRI competitions, or other pre-commercial or procurement processes.
  • Colleagues with a business background with experience of assessing business proposals and project plans.
  • Colleagues from a Research and Development background, including from the Clinical Research field and have experience of assessing funding grants or applications.
  • Colleagues who have experience of supporting innovation and the wider economic, social, environmental, cultural and/or political challenges which are influential in creating the opportunity to innovate.


How to get in touch for more details

If you are passionate about innovation and believe you have the relevant expertise and experience in the areas covered by the Innovation Test Bed at Health Innovation South East Scotland and you are interested in finding out more about becoming an assessor, please contact Samantha Smith, Innovation Project Team Manager via the email address below, or register your details today via the below link: Innovations@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk