NHS Lothian Sewing Room Supervisor Helps with Road to Net Zero

Irene Brown, A Sewing Room Supervisor, recently helped NHS Scotland make a change in the way we do things which will help NHS Lothian’s goals to become more sustainable and tackle climate change. As part of their drive to achieve Net Zero by 2040 NHS Scotland approached their uniform partner Dimensions, to see how they could work together on a number of projects that would help reduce their environmental impact.

The first initiative that the team will deliver in 2022 is to reduce plastic packaging by 50% by offering twin packs instead of single packs, with further initiatives being discussed for future implementation.

As well as the wider Scotland, this change supports NHS Lothian with its Sustainable Development Framework and Action Plan which you can read about on our website.

NHS Lothian Sustainable Development Framework and Action Plan

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“This initiative was prompted by Irene Brown, one of NHS Lothian sewing room supervisors, who noticed the waste and asked the question about why items were in single packs. “It’s a great illustration of how NHS Staff can support a greener NHS by looking again at their daily work, spotting the opportunities for change and persevering. Starting on the pathway of reducing the plastic packaging of NHS uniforms is a positive step for 2022 and for NHS Scotland and its Climate Emergency commitments.”

Dr Jane Hopton, NHS Lothian Sustainability Lead