Mask Logic Ltd named winners of the prestigious Scottish EDGE competition

NHS Tayside Innovation has been working with companies to research and develop re-usable FFP3 equivalent facemasks as part of the Haarsain Small Business Research Initiative.  The companies developed prototype solutions and carried out field testing at NHS Tayside.

One of these companies is Mask Logic Ltd and they have become winners of the prestigious Scottish EDGE competition because of the work that they have done alongside NHS Tayside Innovation.  The Scottish EDGE competition is aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth entrepreneurial talent.

Mask Logic is an Edinburgh based start-up developing bespoke-fit reusable P3 facemasks. Using face scanning and 3D-printing technology, they are able to create a mask that directly fits to the contours of any face. Their ambition is to ensure that mask wearers always have a well-fitting, comfortable mask while also helping to reduce the vast amounts of waste generated by disposable PPE.


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