Join The Design Innovation Network

We are delighted to invite you to join KTN’s new Design Innovation Network.

The Design Innovation Network supports improvements in innovation outcomes (economic, societal and environmental) through the integration of good design in the innovation process. Design can bring clarity of thinking to even the most complex of problems by providing insights into alternative points of view as well as externalising and interrogating assumptions.

The Design Innovation Network will encourage good design practice to be embraced throughout the innovation process with a focus on KTN’s extensive cross-sector network of innovators and members of the design community.

If you are interested in improving innovation outcomes, can support businesses looking to embed design in innovation, or are simply interested in what’s going on in this space please join us. Once you have signed up, we’ll get in touch to find out more about how we can support you and how you’d like to get involved with the community.

Joining the Design Innovation Network will provide you with:

  • a chance to participate in a vibrant community of innovators and designer
  • exclusive design in innovation focused opportunities, content and insight
  • invitations to specialist design in innovation workshops and networking events