Innovation functionality on Public Contracts Scotland is now live

On 1st December 2022, new functionality was added to PCS to allow buying organisations to carry out the procurement of innovation more efficiently. The new functionality is detailed below:

  • Addition of 3 new notice types – Preliminary Market Consultation notice, Pre-Commercial Procurement notice and Pre-Commercial Procurement award notice
  • Supplier Collaboration Tool

Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) Notice

This notice has been developed to allow buyers to investigate what innovative goods, works and services the market can provide. It may also be used to conduct market consultation to prepare for a future procurement activity. It is not a regulated procurement notice and is not an intention to procure goods, works or services.

The notice works in the same way as the existing notices on PCS and interested suppliers should note interest in notices they would like to participate in

Supplier Collaboration Tool

Functionality has been created to allow you to identify potential collaborators within PCS, in relation to a specific opportunity.

The functionality exists with the post-box of the Preliminary Market Consultation notices and is optional to use. You can match with other businesses who are also looking to potentially collaborate. The system will share basic contact details with potential collaborators but all communication will take place out-with the system. This tool is used at your sole discretion.

Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) Notices

This notice challenges businesses to develop innovative solutions for public sector needs. The process enables the public sector to engage with innovative bidders by allowing public sector buyers to procure research and development (R&D) services in a competitive context. These notices work in the same way as existing PCS notices and bidders should continue to respond to notices they are interested in.

Please note that PCP Notices are only suitable for R&D contracts which are exempt from the Public Contract (Scotland) Regulations 2015. There will be further information and guidance on this added to the Supplier Journey

For further information, please refer to the PCS User Guides