CAELUS update: First Drone Flight Trial to Golden Jubilee Hospital!

Project CAELUS led by AGS Airports in partnership with NHS Scotland has taken a step forward by conducting live flight trials in bid to deliver the UK’s first national medical distribution network using drones. Live flying took place between Glasgow Airport and NHS Golden Jubilee in Clydebank last week.

Watch the first flight taking off here

Yes, it is dark on the photo: that’s because the flight started from Glasgow Airport and at night, when no other air traffic is expected. Well done to the team!

Fiona Smith, AGS Airports Group Head of Aerodrome Strategy and CAELUS Project Director, said: “These flight trials are an important step towards the integration of drones into modern airspace and enabling the safe use of drones at scale within Scotland’s airspace. The input from all partners has resulted in a high quality safety case for the flights undertaken in a busy airport environment which can be transposed for other sites in future”

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